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Lumen and Lux?

What do the terms ‘LUMEN’ and ‘LUX’ actually mean and how are they related? It is only possible to draw clear conclusions about the subsequent lighting pattern by combining these two terms.

LUMEN = Amount of light, that can produce the light source (LED), thus the light power of the LED.
OPTIC = It collects the light from the LED by reflection and refraction almost without loss.
LUX = Illuminance, indicates the intensity of the light that arrives at a specific point on an illuminated surface

  • The higher the lumen value, the more light is provided by the lamp
  • LUX values give information about the brightness of a point in the lighting pattern
  • The optics determine the distribution of the light from the LED
  • The more the optics focuses the light, the greater are the LUX values
  • Good optics illuminate close range, sides and distant areas equally well
Lux und Lumen